SMARTSPACK and the Circular Economy: Closing the Loop on Packaging Materials

Packaging in the consumer product landscape might seem like gloss and glitter, but it serves an essential function: it presents the product to the consumer and safeguards it from harm. However, packaging is often quickly discarded and raises concerns regarding sustainability. Because of this, in the quest for more sustainable packaging solutions, the principles of circular economy are gaining prominence.

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Its What Inside That Matters: 3D Printing Medical Tech

Microfluidic devices manipulate small volumes of fluids, which are mainly used in biomedical application scenarios such as clinical diagnosis, drug delivery, and point-of-care testing. Creating such devices is a costly and challenging endeavour. The UM’s Department of Industrial and Manufacturing is investigating cost-efficient ways to produce microfluidic devices faster and a lot easier.

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Making Electrical Drives More Efficient

The climate crisis urges us to use every means of reducing CO2 emissions. To reduce the energy consumption of electrical drive applications, researchers from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Malta are working on a hybrid inverter drive. This device will be able to adjust the power input to an electric motor, thus avoiding power losses. With 8 billion electric motors in the EU alone, even small energy savings can scale up to big contributions towards a sustainable future.

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The Future of Campus Energy

Solar Panels

Of all energy resources, solar energy is the most abundant. Harnessed even in cloudy weather, the rate of solar energy that arrives on Earth is 10,000 times greater than the rate at which humankind consumes energy. Solar technologies can deliver heat, cooling, natural lighting, electricity, and fuels for a host of applications.

But how does this technology work? Can the University of Malta (UM) lead the way towards greener energy?

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A spin-out from the University of Malta’s Institute of Digital Games is working on artificial intelligence-run game testing software. The engine would run thousands of low-level testing rounds before humans engage in high-level testing of a game prior to market release. co-founder Georgios N. Yannakakis tells THINK how his team aspires to change the game.

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Can You Enhance That?

Cop shows have taught us that grainy photos of a crime scene usually contain clues to a killer in action. By zooming in or running a program, investigators are able to catch critical clues to help in their investigation. In reality, if one zooms in on a poor-quality image, one simply gets pixels. A team of researchers at the University of Malta (UM) are developing software which can enhance images to extract critical details and clues using artificial intelligence. Dr Ing. Christian Galea, one of the researchers in the Deep-FIR project, talks us through his journey.

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