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THINK is the Official Research Magazine of the University of Malta. It tells the stories of students, alumni, and researchers.

Our editorial team consists of Prof. Ing. Simon Fabri (editor-in-chief), David Mizzi and Rebekah Zammit (editors), Gabriel Izzo and Nicole Pace (designers), and a dedicated team of freelance contributors.

Issue 43 - Cyberspace

Humanity has come a long way from the primitive stone tools it developed to survive. Since then we have made great strides through metalworking, steam engines, aviation, space exploration, and, of course, cyberspace. 

To unlock this brave new frontier, we have leveraged, among others, brain-computer interfaces, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence. The exciting possibilities within our grasp put the machinations of science fiction to shame. Domestic Robots, Generative AI, and virtual reality have already become part of our daily lives, and there is no sign of this development slowing down!

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