They are the champions

Parathlete Antonio Flores

Parathletes challenge expectations and break boundaries. Some of them reach their peak performance relatively late in life. Strong-willed individuals also defy diagnoses and social norms, as members of Malta’s paralympic movement and para-sport experts tell Daiva Repeckaite and Shruti Sundaresan.

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You look just fine – when pain is invisible

Battery never charges

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disability which manifests with aches all over the body and profound fatigue, including headaches, sleeping problems, and difficulty concentrating. Miriam Calleja talks to people who try to make the most of their lives while being held back by this condition.

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Unwrapping intimacy

Intimacy illustration

From drama groups to their own committee, people with intellectual disabilities are finding their voice to reject overprotection and prejudice as they pursue relationships. Researchers at the University of Malta (UM) are supporting them with evidence. Words by Daiva Repeckaite.

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