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Bringing the Illiad to Life
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Animal Rights: A Question of Pain
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Games, TAMED, and AI Empathy
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What a trip, man
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The Terror and Incompetence of Russia’s Warfare

Throughout Russian and Soviet history, autocratic incompetence has sabotaged invasions and subjected civilians to horrific war crimes. Jonathan Firbank recounts Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, then speaks with historian Simone Azzopardi about its place in Russia’s history of terror and incompetence.
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Age Comes for Us All

The prospect of ageing can be terrifying, especially when it is our loved ones who are ageing before our eyes. How do we come to terms with the emotional difficulty of seeing our parents age (and in some unfortunate cases, deteriorate due to diseases), and how to broach sensitive yet crucial subjects such as their end-of-life preferences, euthanasia, and retirement preferences?
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All about the Freegan Culture

Malta has one of the highest waste generation rates per capita within the EU. 22% or nearly a quarter of food bought in Malta ends up wasted and thrown away. Malta exceeds the EU average by 24%, and it does not seem to be slowing down. Can we do something about it?
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Aristotle’s Nymphomaniac Ethics

The first in our new THINK Oddities series, where we take a look at the many odd things that dot history! And what better way to start than with the story of Aristotle playing sub? 
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Maltese Innovation Promises New Era in Accessing Space

A team of researchers and engineers from the University of Malta’s Astrionics Research Group (ASTREA) are developing their own satellite and ground station for Malta to take its place in the night sky above.
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Cutting EDGE Research: the Genomes of Maltese Plants

Conservation is a 21st century hot topic. It is a top priority worldwide to ensure the lasting protection of the planet and its natural resources. But how can we even begin to conserve our natural environment if we don’t understand it? Ines Ventura investigates.
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Impressions on Branding

Our impression of a brand shapes our experience of the product or service involved. Five students from the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Digital Arts looked into this, involving their own interests in the medium.
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Helping the Hatcheries: How Can We Improve the Output of Aquaculture?

With a growing worldwide population, the use of aquaculture systems to relieve the pressure on wild stocks of fish has become invaluable. But how does aquaculture ensure the survival of young fish?
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