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Taking the lead with patient monitoring

Patients are currently monitored using wired leads (electrocardiographic cables). This decreases patient mobility and comfort. Studies have shown that it can also lead (pun not intended) to long-term skin damage, especially with newborns. A team of researchers from the University of Malta (UM) are examining whether some of this data can be extracted through digital cameras, removing the need for


We are what we eat

Calorie-counting and crash diets may seem like the most accessible ways to get in shape, but a focus on what’s actually in the food we eat might reveal that staying healthy doesn’t need to be as difficult as we think… THINK speaks to University of Malta experts to find out the real deal.


We chose to go to space – Maleth Program

Malta is sending its very first space bioscience experiment entitled SpaceOMIX as a first mission under the Maleth Program. The mission is contracted by NASA and will be flown by SpaceX using the Cargo Dragon C208.


Power to the People

Building a nuclear fusion reactor is an extremely stressful process — especially for stress analysts! Sam Shingles from THINK gets in touch with Prof. Ing. Pierluigi Mollicone and Prof. Ing. Martin Muscat, who are working together as part of a European Consortium to bring fusion nuclear power to Europe.