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The Must-have 2014 Tech Christmas List


Christmas is just around the corner, and for many of you out there, that means that it’s time to start dropping hints to your loved ones. Gadgets are growing in popularity and are one of the most wanted Christmas presents—according to us. Below is our list of top Gadgets for your Christmas stocking.

The GoPro Hero4

GoPro have released the latest in their series of blockbusting action cameras, the GoPro Hero4. It’s the first gadget on my list because it provides amazing filming in the palm of your hands. The Black edition caps out at 4K resolution at 30 fps (Ultra HD), or 1080p (HD) at 120 fps, which brings impeccable detail to your footage. The image sensor has been tweaked, enhancing overall performance and image quality in low light conditions. The Silver edition has an LCD panel at the back of the camera and records at 1080p at 60 fps—just like the GoPro 3+ Black. For those on a budget, the Hero model offers 1080p at 30 fps video for just €125!

The Bose QC®25

Every music lover wants a decent pair of headphones, and even though the Beats by Dr Dre have dominated most of the mainstream market, I still find Bose headphones deliver impeccable performance and offer a fuller, more dynamic sound. Their latest noise cancelling headphones, the QC®25, are perfect for noisy environments like people enduring regular flights—remove on take-off and landing—or commuting by buses or trains.

The Sphero Ollie

The list wouldn’t be complete without a gadget that provides senseless fun. Ollie is basically a smartphone-controlled robot-cylinder which has been dubbed as the ‘Tony Hawk’ of the Sphero family. The device can reach speeds of up to
14 mph and can perform cool tricks. Ollie is also extremely rugged, and is able to take some abuse. Thanks to the third party hubcaps, Ollie can tackle different terrains without affecting its manoeuvrability.

The moto 360

Smartwatches have taken over the world and the craze is far from over. The only smartwatch which I would be inclined to purchase, and wouldn’t mind finding in my Christmas stockings, is the moto 360. The minimalistic design, the sleek finish, and the superb high-resolution display, simply set this device apart. The smart notifications keep you constantly connected to the online world. The smartwatch is hardy with a Gorilla Glass 3 screen mounted on a waterproof housing.

The Playstation®4

This was released last holiday season, but the device is being revitalised with a set of exclusive game titles and a new virtual reality headset. Project Morpheus is hitting the shelves in 2015.
The Playstation®4 has sold 10 million units, so if you’re mildly interested in gaming you should really immerse yourself in the world the of PS4™ and jot it down on your Christmas List. 

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GoPro Hero4 in action


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