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Transcending Mediums and Unveiling the Transformative Journey of TNESSID: Master of Fine Arts in Digital Arts Exhibition

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The exhibition TNESSID emerges as a captivating fusion of creations crafted by five up-and-coming visionary artists who have embarked on a transformative journey through the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Digital Arts course at the University of Malta.

‘Tnessid’ is derived from the essence of ‘dissent,’  embodying a profound divergence from the prevailing dogmas and convictions. Art, with its remarkable power to distort and reshape our perceptions, impels artists to embrace a holistic approach in order to traverse the realms of existence. Each unique endeavour presented by these talented individuals serves as a gateway to alternative perspectives, challenging the conventional notions ingrained within our collective consciousness. Through these innovative portrayals of the world, this extraordinary exhibition invites its discerning audience to embark on an introspective journey, traversing the vast landscape of possibilities through their own personal encounters. Seamlessly interweaving these contrasting perspectives, the curated collection finds unity in a harmonious aesthetic tapestry.

THINK magazine interviewed the five students behind the TNESSID exhibition to showcase their remarkable journey. Their multidisciplinary and conceptual works transcend the boundaries of traditional artistic media, encompassing sculpture, drawing, installation, and soundscape, thereby capturing the essence of their artistic visions.

Aaron Sammut: ‘Mapping the Differences’

Aaron Sammut seamlessly blends traditional media with the digital landscape, using art as a means of self-expression and creative exploration. His project, ‘Mapping the Differences,’ delves into how people perceive a specific location. Aaron meticulously maps Gzira, the town where he grew up, using a collection of imagery from the internet, AI-generated creations, and his own lens. These visuals are assembled through collage, bringing well-known landmarks and locals to life. By combining human and AI perspectives, ‘Mapping the Differences’ reveals the diverse ways in which a place is remembered and experienced, showcasing the intricate tapestry of human perception. The project invites viewers to embark on a visual journey through the town of Gzira, encountering both harmonious and contrasting visuals along the way.

Aaron Sammut: ‘Mapping the Differences’

Elena Said: ‘DIN l-Art Ħelwa’

Elena is an artist who believes in the power of art to convey meaningful messages. Her work goes beyond aesthetics, focusing on profound themes and challenging norms. Inspired by the audacity of the Dadaist movement, Elena combines technology and art in her multidisciplinary journey. In her work ‘DIN l-Art Ħelwa,’ she explores the interplay between data and artistic mediums, specifically focusing on cranes in the Maltese landscape. Over six months, she collected visual data and translated it into different artistic media, which were then contextualised by a documented performance. These invite the audience to perceive the landscape through different senses and reflect on the connection between humanity and nature. ‘DIN l-Art Ħelwa’ serves as an ecocritical exploration, encouraging contemplation of our role in the delicate web of existence.

Elena Said: ‘DIN l-Art Ħelwa’

Ramona Borg: ‘Sensing the Unseen’

Ramona, an artist with a background in visual arts and art education, believes in the power of art to communicate and address social issues. In her installation ‘Sensing the Unseen,’ she creates a mixed-media journey that highlights the significance of human experiences and emotions. The installation aims to shed light on social injustice and give a voice to marginalised individuals. Ramona wants viewers to pause, observe, and engage with the artwork, hoping it will lead to empathy and a collective awakening to the realities of our society. The installation invites viewers to explore hidden narratives and interpret the emotions conveyed by the sculptures, paintings, and audio clips in order to foster a deeper understanding of the unseen aspects of our world.

Ramona Borg: ‘Sensing the Unseen’

Kristov Scicluna: ‘The Void of the Thunderhag’

Kristov is an artist whose creative journey is rooted in self-expression and evoking emotion. His work explores the depths of his own being and aims to connect with viewers on a visceral level. In ‘The Void of The Thunderhag,’ Kristov reimagines the myth of Scotland’s creature, ‘The Thunderhag,’ using stop-motion hand-drawn animation. He draws inspiration from dark art, horror cinema, and gothic artists to create a haunting and atmospheric visual experience. Charcoal is used to convey a raw and eerie aesthetic, while the animation technique adds a disconcerting ambience. The concept of erasure and memory plays a significant role, with traces of the medium left behind in each scene. Through this exploration, Kristov breathes new life into the ancient myth and invites viewers to delve into their own imaginations.

Kristov Scicluna: ‘The Void of the Thunderhag’

Marvic Camilleri: ‘Ariadne’s Thread’

Recently having returned to Malta, Marvic has a passion for visual arts. Through innovative concepts, she explores human emotions and personal encounters in her artistic journey. In ‘Ariadne’s Thread,’ Marvic delves into the theme of loss and memories. Through an immersive installation, she uses everyday objects with personal significance to evoke new narratives from her memories by confronting a profound personal loss. The artwork invites viewers to engage in a dialogue about their inner selves and give voice to their emotions within a safe space. Marvic’s goal is to uncover new meanings and find a sense of renewal amid the absence of what was lost.

Marvic Camilleri: ‘Ariadne’s Thread’

Readers are invited to attend the exhibition TNESSID, where the transformative artworks of these five visionary artists will transport you to a realm of alternative perspectives and profound introspection. 

Mark your calendars for the TNESSID MFA 2023 Exhibition, taking place from 2 June to 2 July 2023, at Spazju Kreattiv in Valletta. This event promises to be a celebration of innovation, creativity, and the power of art to evoke emotions and challenge perspectives.

Join the MFA in Digital Arts to embark on this remarkable artistic odyssey, where boundaries are shattered and hidden narratives are unveiled. Let the works of these talented artists guide you on a journey of self-reflection and inspire you to see the world through a new lens.

Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with this curated collection and delve into the depths of human experience. We look forward to welcoming you to the TNESSID MFA 2023 Exhibition at Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta, where art comes alive and new possibilities unfold before your eyes.

All images included are courtesy of the TNESSID Team

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