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The time for contemporary art is now!

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Many feel that our country is changing at an unprecedented rate. Some would even say that it has become unrecognisable. Valletta Contemporary’s Dr Joanna Delia writes about the growing appreciation for contemporary art in Malta.

Why now? What is behind this new movement? These new ways of thinking in the local art scene? Contemporary art tells us that it is time to start questioning things—to rethink our priorities, not just as individuals but as a community. We do not only need to think laterally, but three dimensionally and with multiple senses. META foundation opened its Valletta Contemporary galleries on East Street, Valletta, in April. Three of the exhibitions held since then—Electromorphologies, Parallel Existences, and That Golden Stain of Time—all dealt with the concept of the passage of time. Electromorphologies is a look-back at some of the most renowned pioneering videos in the media art world, showcasing works by artists such as Mona Hatoum and Bill Viola. Parallel Existences, an exhibition of contemporary fine art photography by Alex Attard, is a magnificent homage to old documents from the 600-year-old collection at Malta’s Notarial Archives. The work deals with art’s role in archiving precious objects that may have lost their original function and become unrestorable. These objects are shown to still retain their importance by being transformed into artworks. 

Dan Hudson’s video show, That Golden Stain of Time, tackles the eternal presence of the life-giving sun. Many perceive the sun as an instrument that marks the passage of time, as if the sun were designed and constructed for this purpose—as a timepiece that serves us. Such attitudes ignore the obvious fact that the sun predates us and will maybe out-live us. The work thus questions human attitudes of entitlement and the importance we attribute to ourselves. Ultimately, it pushes us to ask whether we may have sacrificed our heritage for the gods of economic success and the short-lived pleasures of innovation. 

Contemporary art invites people to interact with the here and now through media as diverse as the world and our societies. It presents myriad of views. The exhibits at Valletta Contemporary change every month, and artists from all disciplines and backgrounds are chosen to participate. Run by a foundation whose only aim is to provide the space and opportunity for people to experience all that contemporary art has to offer, Valletta Contemporary also promises to become a patron of new ideas, of the thought-germinating, concept-shaking world that is contemporary art. Times are changing and we are all on board for the ride.  

Valletta Contemporary will be hosting a fundraising initiative showcasing some of the best art by Maltese and Malta-based artists and launching its first catalogue with these works. For more information visit:

Author: Dr Joanna Delia


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Fostering Creativity and Community: The ART Connect Project at the University of Malta Library

The Library is, in many ways, the beating heart of the University of Malta (UM). The pulse of intellectual life can be felt most profoundly amongst the quiet shelves lined with books and the many students and academics lining the Library’s work desks with their noses deep in their projects. In this sense, the Library is also symbolic of the University’s overall health and vitality, so it is important to balance serious work with serious play.

The evolution of the ART Connect Project has been a journey of dedication and transformation. Inspired by the vision of new librarians and a desire to revamp the Library’s decor, what was once a seed of an idea has now matured into a vibrant platform for artistic expression, collaboration, and community building.

The ART Connect Project aims to connect people through creativity, foster collaboration, and transform spaces, inviting artists and art enthusiasts to celebrate the power of art.

Meeting Challenges Halfway at the Malta Book Festival 2023

Malta boasts 58 registered publishing entities, hosting hundreds of authors writing books across a wide swathe of genres and formats. These numbers emerge from an NSO survey into the book industry, conducted on the basis of the year 2021. Effectively, we could say that there are ‘more authors than churches’ in Malta, with over 700 authors populating the National Book Council’s database.

This hints at a varied industry, the stakeholders of which all fall under the remit of the National Book Council, which seeks to assist, support, and represent Maltese authors and publishers, as well as related industry stakeholders such as translators and illustrators. While the Maltese context does have its own particularities, neither is it immune to the industry’s wider, global realities, a case in point being the price hike on paper caused by the war in Ukraine, which continues to be felt across the board. Maltese publishers must also bear the brunt of this unfortunate phenomenon.

The National Book Council continues to advocate for increased governmental support to aid publishers, whether in this particular challenge or others, and it also offers direct financial aid through the Malta Book Fund, which last year issued a grand total of €120,000 to various industry stakeholders, targeting projects of high cultural value which may not have a straightforward route to market success.

But while some challenges may be met halfway through financial incentives, others require a systemic — or cultural — shift in attitude from all parties involved, which takes a certain degree of workshopping to be borne out. The slow uptake of ebooks bears pondering (the NSO survey saw 146 new ebooks issued in Malta in 2021, contrasted with printed counterparts of 418 in the same year), as does the worryingly high number of authors published without adequate contracts in place.

Maximising Solar Panel Efficiency: The DustPV Project

The DustPV project, led by Prof. Ing. Joseph Micallef, aims to determine the optimal timing for cleaning solar panels using innovative sensor technology and weather data analysis. By addressing the challenges of dust accumulation on photovoltaic panels, the project seeks to enhance solar panel performance and contribute to Malta’s renewable energy goals.

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