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Sintesi: Explore Digital Arts Innovation with the BFA 2023 Cohort


The future of digital art in Malta is on display at the Sintesi exhibition, where creative media collide to form an expressive menagerie of graphic innovation. The exhibition, curated by the BFA in Digital Arts 2023 cohort, is a unique visual experience that highlights the ingenuity of modern artistry.

Imagine a mosaic of colours, textures, images, and ideas coming together to form a unique and singular vision. Each tile of the mosaic tells its own story, yet it cohabitates with the pieces around it to paint a larger picture of artistic expression. The Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) in Digital Arts 2023 cohort has created such a mosaic with their upcoming exhibition Sintesi, which challenges traditional concepts of art while also speaking to the future of digital creativity.

This exhibition forms part of the BFA in Digital Arts final assessment, where students create and arrange a collective showcase of their work for public view. The students have organised every aspect of the exhibition, from funding and social media marketing, to logistics and layout, including the contributions to the collection, building it from the ground up. 

A virtual reality puzzle game called ‘Trial by Torchlight’ developed by Ellie Abela,  based on the megalithic temples.

The name for the exhibition draws inspiration from the Maltese word sintesizza, which means ‘to synthesise’, or to bring together different elements to form one connected and cohesive product. Based on the collection that the students have created, the exhibition is aptly named. The exhibition’s co-coordinator, Andrew Deguara, calls the project a ‘cocktail of media’, where numerous forms of digital art are presented, all while existing in the same unifying space. He relates how different schools of artistic thought are employed throughout the exhibition allowing  attendees to experience a range of digital expression.

Deguara and the BFA cohort worked with basic frameworks and were guided by past student exhibitions, but they strived to create their own unique perspective on digital art. Through digital media, photography, installations, and even embroidery, the BFA students have created an exhibition that is the accumulation of all they have learned throughout their studies. Not only do they present the intricacies of art in the modern age, but they also demonstrate the innovative ways art can be constructed and viewed. From intrinsically woven displays to virtual reality experiences, captivating photography, and digital imagery, the exhibition showcases a variety of media that entrance the viewer through every step across the gallery. 

Shot from a multimedia digital animation produced by Liam Spiteri titled ‘ Search for the ‘Soul’ ‘.

What makes this exhibition so enigmatic is that the artists have drawn inspiration from various sources, making each piece a unique visual experience for the audience. Each piece speaks to an individual perspective; some students have searched inward for inspiration, using personal experiences, family history, and domestic life to motivate their work. Meanwhile, others have drawn from their exposure to digital media. No matter the source of inspiration, all of the artists challenge concepts of fine art while appealing to the future of the digital age. Through these different media, the students have created a diverse collection of stories and perspectives that illuminate Maltese life and the progression of art in our society. The BFA students have woven together a tapestry of digital art that comments on the past and speaks to the future.

The artists have faced numerous difficulties along the way and have had to navigate the intricacies of producing an exhibition that unifies their work. When facilitating an exhibition that features work from multiple artists, it can be a challenge to incorporate the different concepts into one cohesive event. With 22 students, each with their own unique medium, the cohort has truly had to synthesise their work and create an amalgamation that is both individualised and collective. However, the BFA students have achieved their goal of creating a standout exhibition that encapsulates digital culture and exposes the unique ways that art is changing. They have overcome artistic challenges and have formed a collective voice that speaks to the subjective experience that inspires such creativity.  

Apart from showcasing their unique perspectives, the cohort highlights the marketability of digital art and the numerous ways in which art can be absorbed. As digital artists, their work can be applied to graphic design, digital marketing, illustration, and much more. From printed and digital media to virtual reality, video, and photography, there is something for everyone at the Sintesi exhibition. Whether you are an advocate of the arts, a publisher looking for creative illustrators, a start-up searching for a new digital marketing team, or an established company ready for fresh graphic designers, this exhibition will be your meeting ground for the future of digital art innovation. The cohort’s vibrant passion for this diverse field can be seen in each piece, highlighting the importance of digital art in the modern world. 

Perspective shot of a Virtual Reality Experience exploring Jungian archetypes. Developed by Drew Deguara. All photos (including banner image) courtesy of the Sintesi Team.

Sintesi will open for public viewing on Wednesday 24 May in the Media and Knowledge Sciences (MAKS) Building on campus on the 4th level. Attendants can explore the digital artwork until 26 May and take part in this expressive exhibition. However, Sintesi will live on after the closing of the exhibition through an online portal, where viewers can explore the virtual gallery after the installations have been taken down. 


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