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Dentists on wheels

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The RIDT is supporting a community project that is being spearheaded by the Faculty of Dental Surgery (University of Malta). The project should improve the Maltese population’s quality of life and supply vital oral health information.

The Mobile Dental Clinic Project will carry out research through standardised scientifically established methods to determine the oral health status of Malta. As a result of scarce epidemiological data, this particular health status is not known, although various factors suggest it may be suboptimal. With such a mobile unit at hand, the Faculty will be able to study (and prevent) all areas of oral health. It will be in an excellent position to reach all sectors of society, providing routine dental care as an outreach clinic. The clinic will visit all localities in Malta and Gozo, focusing on underprivileged communities, homebound elderly patients,
special-needs schools, and institutionalised people. Equipped with modern facilities on par with any dental clinic, this unit will be manned by staff members of the Faculty of Dental Surgery together with final year dental students.
To finance this community project, the RIDT has found the backing of a number of corporates and institutions who have pledged their support through their donations. The clinic is estimated to cost around €120,000. The mobile dental clinic is expected to be on the road this Autumn.



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