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The notary drafts the contract on her computer – fixing a highlighted typo, ignoring the complex grammar warning. More worrying is the clause highlighted with an explanation of how it conflicts with another contract her client has signed. A few modifications later, she presses ‘Send’…

You open the document, selecting ‘Simplify’ to view a version leaving out legalese linguistic somersaults. But the complexity is still overwhelming. You click ‘Query’ and ask ‘Can I always cancel an order within 24 hours?’ A detailed scenario is presented, involving different time-zones, a re-order and another agreement. You start composing a reply to your notary…

More to Explore Creating the Ultimate AI Game Testers

A spin-out from the University of Malta’s Institute of Digital Games is working on artificial intelligence-run game testing software. The engine would run thousands of low-level testing rounds before humans engage in high-level testing of a game prior to market release. co-founder Georgios N. Yannakakis tells THINK how his team aspires to change the game.

Can You Enhance That?

Cop shows have taught us that grainy photos of a crime scene usually contain clues to a killer in action. By zooming

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