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Ignite’s 24 Weeks

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Five women with drastically different lives, find themselves in mutually similar situations and are forced to take the biggest decision of their lives. Ignite’s new play 24 Weeks follows these women as they each take their individual path, based on the options that life has dealt them.

Unfortunately, judgement is an innate human reaction towards people, especially women, and the decisions they take in life. However, 24 Weeks highlights the importance of understanding the reasoning behind each person’s choice and the struggles faced before making the ultimate decision. The piece tackles mature themes that are not often talked about openly, portraying them in a creative and theatrical manner without losing their real-life urgency. 

Ignite Chairperson and Cast Member Alexia Manduca said, “Although 24 Weeks is not based on any real people, these stories have undoubtedly happened to many women throughout the years, we just never bothered to really listen and understand them. These stories may even be closer to home than you think. It’s ok if you don’t agree with some of the decisions women take, but it’s important to at least try to understand why they made their choices in the first place. The mere availability of a range of options can even avoid tragic consequences.” 

This debut production by Ignite is an original piece created by the organisation’s entire collective ensemble during weekly rehearsals. Additionally, company members had separate responsibilities within the production such as scriptwriting, set and costume design, props, and music, allowing young people to tackle other roles in the creative process apart from acting. 

Ignite is a new Maltese youth theatre production company owned and managed by young people for young people. It gives young creatives the opportunity to take on roles within an executive committee and learn how to manage a theatre company, a concept that has not yet been tackled in the Maltese Islands. It also provides a safe space for young people to develop their skills in all aspects of theatre production supporting them in creating and participating in high quality theatrical projects and productions. All this while also building a dynamic team with other young artists in the theatrical field. 

Ignite’s Artistic Director is Michael Richardson, who has had a flourishing theatre career both in the UK and in Malta. Apart from being the Artistic Director, he also acts as a Mentor, providing advice and support as Ignite participants tackle new production and company management roles.    

Ignite is a voluntary organisation and is proud to be funded by the Arts Council Malta and sponsored by supporting partners Planet Hollywood Malta, Suq tal-Belt, and JB Stores. Ignite would not be possible without the continuous support of these highly established companies. 

24 Weeks is not suitable for children under the age of 15 and it may contain the use of strobe lighting. 

Ignite’s debut production 24 Weeks will premiere on April 22nd (8pm), 23rd (3pm & 8pm) and 24th (3pm & 8pm) at the VCT (Valletta Campus Theatre). Tickets can be bought from starting from €10. 

Ignite your weekend with an Ignite production! 

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