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Heading to the Future – on Foot or by Bike

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If you want to transform the mobility of our cities the first step is through the active engagement of citizens. Transforming urban mobility requires various initiatives from public organizations. The Greentrips online platform (launched this month) is one of these initiatives that provide a place for sustainable mobility solutions. 

The Greentrips incentive stems from three concepts Connect, Exchange and Empower. By connecting transport service providers with commuters and giving them the space to exchange experiences, concerns and recommendations about mobility in Malta, we aim to empower citizens. 

The ultimate goal is to reach a cleaner environment by reducing traffic and, thanks to its unique approach of giving a voice to everybody, offers a democratic solution. All citizens of Malta are invited to participate in posting pictures, concerns or recommendations on The Greentrips online platform. Additionally, they can volunteer by helping researchers collect data or even becoming a content moderator for the Greentrips platform.

Green Roads Malta and Project Aegle Foundation will be hosting a Zoom discussion, open to all members of the public, on Saturday the 19th Dec, at 10-11:30 am. The discussion will be led by Amanda Tonna, the Project Manager for the Greentrips initiative. Next, the CEO of Green Roads Malta Claire Ciancio will give a thorough introduction of the initiative and Camilie Bon will speak briefly about the work of EIT Urban Mobility Hub as its funding body. Carlos Canas Sanz will give a brief intro to his project Walking Malta and how people can get involved. The final speaker, Policy Officer Matthew Farrugia will present the work of Rota, their current projects and possible participation by the public. is financed under Call for Proposals 2020 on Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) as part of EIT Urban Mobility – Mobility for more liveable urban spaces.


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