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“Give a Damn, use that Cam!”

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– Amateur Short Film Competition for University Students

Poster_for_Think2015 is the European Year of Development and it also marks the final target date to achieve the eight ambitious Millennium Development Goals established in a joint effort to meet the needs of the World’s poorest people and communities. But what are students’ thoughts about the Millennium Development Goals? What do they think of Global Social Justice and Sustainable Development?

The students at the University of Malta have now a unique opportunity to express their opinions about such issues: the Maltese NGO KOPIN has now launched “Give a Damn, Use that Cam!”, a video competition specifically for them, in the framework of the EC co-financed project Global Campus.

To take part in the competition the participants are asked to create a two-minute video inspired by the Millennium Development Goals. A total of six videos will then be selected by an international jury and put on Facebook for a second round of voting through the public. Videos can be filmed using any equipment including mobile phone, webcam or amateur video camera, and no professional recording devices are required.

The prizes are tempting – the winner gets a trip for two to Ethiopia, where he will be linked up with local development NGOs to get a better understanding about development work on the ground, while the second and third winners will receive book vouchers.

Students have plenty of time to create the video – the deadline for submissions is the 17th of October 2014.

More information on the Rules and Terms & Conditions as well as the Application Form to be submitted alongside the video can be found here.


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