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Research, Science, Culture and ideas are all part of the philosophy behind THINK magazine. Our designs are set at the highest standard to interest a broad readership. We offer advertisers unique access to the University of Malta’s research, an institution with an excellent reputation.

The numbers don’t lie

  • Circulation: 8,000 quarterly printed, 1.25 million online views on
  • Distribution: Free from all bookshops and news agents around Malta
  • Target Demographic: ABC1 16 and above

Reaching your customer

Create a powerful corporate image with THINK magazine. Our magazine is beautifully laid out and talks about the best research coming out of University. We will treat your messages and ideas to the same high standard. If you want reach a customer base interested in research, science, culture and innovative ideas than this magazine is your perfect medium.

To advertise in our magazine or on this website please contact or phone +356 2340 3451 or +356 9923 9974